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 new Spectroelectrochemical Cell Thin Layer Quartz Glass cell



newSpectroelectrochemical Cell SEC-C05 Spectroelectrochemical Cell (0.5 mm)             newIDA_Au10IDA Interdigitated array electrode Variety of width and material




Working Electrode

Working Electrodes
Our electrodes used for electrochemical measurements such as CV, LSV , DPV and so on are compact and easy enough to be polished by yourself.
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Full Listing of Working Electrodes and Accessories and Counter Electrodes
Please select suitable Counter electrode according to your application and budget. >>> more

Customisaton is also available. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Carbon paste Oil base
Carbon paste Oil base consists of grafite powder in narrow dispersion and paraffin oil as a binder.
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Working Electrodes for RRDE-3A
Products listed in below are Working electrodes for Rotating ring disk electrode ...
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Counter/Reference Electrode

Counter Electrodes
Please select suitable Counter electrode according to your application and budget.
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Reference Electrodes
Reference electrodes are widely used as for electrochemical measurements (CV, LSV, DPV etc.) and ...
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IDA(Inter Digitated Array) Electrode
Inter digitated 65 pairs of generator / collector electrodes set off electrochemical RedOx cycling continuously ...
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More fine IDA (Pt/Au) Electrode was developed. Its 3m pitch working electrodes significantly increase redox cycle and allow....>>>more

Printed Type Electrodes
This ring-disk type electrode developed by NTT-AT is a form of printed electrodes. Users can choose them from Carbon, Gold and ...
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Micro CV Cells
Special CV Cells which come to useful when researchers run electrochemical measurements with approximately 100 L of a sample.
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ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Electrodes
This quite unique material transmits only visible light whereas it does not transmit UV radiation. Our ITO electrodes consist of ...
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Conductivity Electrode
Platinum terminals are deposited on a fused quartz substrate as current supplying electrodes and potential difference probing electrodes.
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Glassy Carbon - We are dealing with various kinds of Glassy Carbon products. Customer's special processing order such as pipe, pot shape etc... >>> more 



Electrode Accessories

Sample Holders
These products enable to take electrochemical measurement by only 200uL of the analyte with voltammetry cells.
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Vycor Glass products
Vycor glass is porous glass with 40-200 diameter of pores. Chemically stable, operational as high as 800 degrees C.
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PK-3 Electrode Polishing KitPK-3 Electrode Polishing Kit

Polishing kit to maintain a good condition of working electrodes for CV/Flow cell. Contents of PK-3 can be provided separately. >>> more


Voltammetry Cell

SVC-3 Oxygen-free Voltammetry Cell -  By using this cell, researchers can run experiments free from gasificationed steam. Also , recearchers can get rid of infruelnce of ... >>> more

SVC-3C Oxygen-free Voltammetry cell - for application at low temperature

VC-2 Voltammetry Cell                                                                      Sample volume: 5-10 ml Contents: teflon cap(1), counter electrorde (1), glass vial (7), teflon tubing(1m) >>> more


VC-3 Voltammetry cell sample volume: 5-10ml
Contents: teflon cap(1), counter electrode(1), glass vial(7), teflon tubing(1m) >>> more


VC-4 Voltammetry Cell                                                                        sample volume: 1-3 ml contents: teflon cap(1), counter electrode(1), glass vial (7), teflon tubing (1 m) >>> more

MCA Micro Cell sample volume: 0.1-0.2 ml
Contents: VC-2 Voltammetry cell, Smple holder(OD9 mm, 2pcs)
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Bulk Electrolysis Cell
This cell is employed in the large scale irreversible oxidation / reduction of species of interest to some derivative species. Typically a large RVC electrode is used to drive for 100% conversion ...
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Cell Vials
Various shapes and sizes of PYREX glass cell vials are available for users' purposes. Please be referred to their capacity as well.
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Plate Material Evaluating Cell
This quite handy cell was developed in order to evaluate plate material such as ...
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SVC-2 Voltammetry cell

Flow Cells

QCM Flow Cell Kit
The Resonant frequency of quartz changes when material attaches the electrode's surface. This product is capable of super-micro quantitative analysis,...
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Flow Cell
Our working electrodes for flow cell are set in blocks of PEEK. This resin protects the electrodes from external noise and ...
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Spectroelectrochemical Cell / Flow Cell

Spectroelectrochemical Cell
Spectroelectrochemistry(SEC) is aimed at the investigation of electrochemical reaction mechanism and the interface structure ...
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SEC-F Spectroelectrochemical flow cell
The working electrodes( ITO, platinum mini-grid, and gold mini-grid) are replaceable...
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SEC2000 - Spectrometer
Three modes in one system; Real-Time analysis; Accurate and fast analysis...>>>more


Stands, meters and rotators

CS-3A Cell StandCS-3A Cell Stand
In order to obtain accurate result from microcurrent, it is very important to make an electrochemical noise-free environment ... >>> more

RRDE-3 Rotating Ring/Disk Electrode
This compact computerized rotating electrode system is desinged for laboratory use.
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Handy SPR PS-0109
Palm-Sized Biomaterial Determination System by NTT-AT. Compact, competitive price for outdoor use. Easy Handling, Simple operation for ...
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Model 100 Syringe pump

Model 100 Syringe pump
Micro-step motor mechanism permitting the application at low flow rate... >>> more

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