Micro volume sample measurement

MCA Micro cell requires only 50-200 ÁL of analyte. This is an advantage for the researchers who need to study with a small volume of sample. Users can select their appropriate working electrodes from our various CV electrodes.

[How To Use]

  1. Prepare supporting electrolyte in a cell vial and sample in the sample holder. Be sure to equalize their electrolyte concentration.
  2. Place a counter electrode in the cell vial. When organic solvent is used, it should be put inside the sample holder to avoid IR drop at the Vycor glass frit. In that case, please choose 3 mm diameter of CV electrodes.
  3. Insert teflon tube into the cell or the sample holder, purge N2 gas to eliminate oxygen.
 MCA Micro cell


  • To lower electric resistance, please soak the Vycor frit of sample holder into supporting electrolyte solution at least for one hour prior to use. These frits need to be kept immersed in solution all of time.
  • If obtained data is shifted, IR drop may be caused. In that case, please increase the supporting electrokyte as much as five times or add approximately 0.5 M of NaCl.
Catalog No. Description
011520 MCA Micro cell kit
001052 VC-2 Voltammetry cell
012177 Sample holder dia 9 mm (2 pcs)

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