Glassy Carbon

Glassy Carbon

We are dealing with various kinds of Glassy Carbon products. Customer's special processing order such as pipe, pot shape etc. or custom sizing order is also available.


Catalog No. Description Size
010761 R-1 Glassy Carbon rod OD 1.0x100 mm
010762 R-2 Glassy Carbon rod OD 2.0x100 mm
010763 R-3 Glassy Carbon rod OD 3.0x100 mm
012086 P-1 Glassy Carbon plate 1.0x25x25 mm
012087 P-2 Glassy Carbon plate 2.0x25x25 mm
012088 P-3 Glassy Carbon plate 3.0x25x25 mm
012089 F-1 Glassy Carbon film 0.1x25x25 mm
012090 S-12 Glassy Carbon powder (Spherical) 0.4-12 m, 10 g
012091 S-20 Glassy Carbon powder (Spherical) 10-20 m, 10 g
012092 S-50 Glassy Carbon powder (Spherical) 20-50 m, 10 g
012093 S-80 Glassy Carbon powder (Spherical) 40-80 m, 10 g
012094 S-200 Glassy Carbon powder (Spherical) 80-200 m, 10 g

Features of Glassy Carbon

  • High-purity
  • Excellent Stability as high as at 3,000 C in vacuum / at 500 C in the air
  • Well Inert against Chemical erosion
  • Impermeability to Gas and Solution
  • Significant Hardness / Strength
  • Brings Fine surface condition after polishing
  • Favorable electric conducting property
  • Dielectric characteristics in High-frequency
  • Highly Resistant against Inorganic and Organic salts
  • Good Bio-Compatibility
  • Isotropic Physical/Chemical properties

Glassy Carbon - Physical Property

Density 1.42 g/cm3
Upper Temparature Limit in vacuum 3,000 C
Porosity 0%
Gas Transmission Rate 10-9 cm3/s
Hardness 230 HVI
Bending Strength 260 N/mm2
Compressive Strength 480 N/mm2
Young's Modulus 35 kN/mm2
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20-200 C) 2.6 x 10-6 1/K
Heat Conducting (@30 C) 6.3 W/(Km)

What is Glassy Carbon?

Glassy Carbon has quite unique structure. As the figure below shows, this material contains random combination of basal plane and edge plane.

Glassy Carbon_Structure
La: Intraplanar Microcrystaline Size, Lc: Interplanar Microcrystaline Size
(G.M. Jenkins and K. Kawamura: Nature 231,175 (1971).)


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