ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) Electrode

ITO Electrode

This quite unique material transmits only visible light whereas it does not transmit UV radiation. Our ITO electrodes consist of 100 nm thick of ITO layer deposited on quartz glass substrate (0.5 mm thick).


ITO Electrode


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Custom-Order is also Available!

We are capable of produce special ITO products such as:

  • Plane ITO plate
  • Ring-Disk electrode
  • Sprit-Disk electrode
  • IDA electrode
  • Special cells etc.

    Catalog No. Description Quantity
    011519 SEC-F ITO electrode for flow cell 4pcs
    011465 ITO electrode 8 x 27 mm 12 pcs
    Other items
    011827 ITO disk (4 inch) 1 pc
    011233 ITO electrode 10x10 mm 30 pcs
    010887 ITO electrode 10x20 mm 10 pcs
    012128 IDA electrode (ITO) 10 Ám 1 pc

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    IDA Intergiditated Array electrode ITO electrode


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