Working Electrodes for Electrochemical Measurements (CV, LSV, DPV etc.)

Our electrodes used for electrochemical measurements such as CV, LSV , DPV and so on are compact and easy enough to be polished by yourself.
Remove the cap covering the electrode, and check its surface prior to the first use. Carbon paste electrode is available in the form of carbon paste which user packs into a shallow well in the electrode holder supplied by us. Other electrodes are polished to immediate use. These electrodes are encapsulated in PEEK* - solid, well inert against solvent. Table of material inertness to solvents is shown below. However, long-term immersion in THF or using under high temperature which exceeds the temperature coefficient between plastic and electrode material possibly be a cause of crack. O-ring enables a position of an electrode to be adjusted in the voltammetry cell.


Material Inertness to Solvents


Working Electrode - More Information

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