Bulk Electrolysis Cell

Bulk Electrolysis Cell

This product is utilized for complete electrolysis. As mentioned below, carbon working electrode is a reticulated form that provides with sufficient surface area to gain the rate in electrolysis. The water jacketed cell can be purchased separately. Platinum mesh electrode is also available as a custom order. The platinum counter electrode equips a separating chamber. The progress of an electrolysis can be investigated by inserting additional indicator electrode (required to be prepared by users themselves). That insertion requires a port plug when the indicator electrode is not used.

Suitable for:
Quantitation of mass transfer of the electron per molecule
Measuring the absolute quantity of the analyte
Electrolytic synthesis of new materials (generally in quantity of milligram)

Catalog No. Description
001197 Bulk Electrolysis Cell
001195 100 ml Glass cell
010530 Porous carbon electrode
002234 Platinum counter electrode 23 cm
001198 Lid for counter electrode
001196 Chamber for counter electrode
001236 O-ring for counter electrode
009131 Port plug
000178 Stirrer bar
001199 Teflon Cap (for bulk)
010537 Gas purging tube

Optional components

Catalog No. Description Size
002250 Platinum gauze electrode 80 mesh 25 x 35 mm
002251 Gold gauze electrode 100 mesh 25 x 35 mm
001194 Water Jacketed Glass cell (for bulk)


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