Sample holders

These products enable to take electrochemical measurement by only 200 ÁL of the analyte with voltammetry cells. A vycor glass tip is attached to the end of its glass tube, and ions transmit freely.


Sample Holders
newVycor glass diameter was changed from 3.2 mm to 2.85 mm.

Catalog No.
Catalog No.
Description SIZE
012177 002228 Sample holder dia 9.0 mm (2 pcs) OD9 mm, ID7 mm, L55 mm
012176 002243 Sample holder dia 6.0 mm (2 pcs) OD6 mm, ID4 mm, L55 mm
012175 012116 Sample holder dia 4.5 mm (2 pcs) OD4.5 mm, ID2 mm, L40 mm


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