VC-2 Voltammetry cell

Counter electrode of Voltammetry cell for VC-2 is exchangable. Teflon-coated cell cap equips removable teflon-coated working electrode holder. Sample holder for the measurement with a small volume (100 - 200 ÁL) is available as an optional component.


Components of VC-2/VC-3 cell can be provided separately. In that case, each sample vial (010343) includes 10 pieces per the sales unit.
Catalog No. Description
001052 VC-2 Voltammetry cell
001056 Sample vial (20 ml) 7 pcs
002222 Pt counter electrode for VC-2 cell
009028 Teflon cap for VC-2
010537 Purging tube

Voltammetry cell - Lineup

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