Carbon paste Oil base

Carbon Paste Oil base consists of graphite powder with narrow dispersion and paraffin oil as a binder. This product is applied to Micro Carbon Paste Electrode to make:

1. Simplified enzyme electrode
2. Chemically modified electrode

Carbon paste Oil Base


Catalog No. Description
001010 Carbon Paste Oil (CPO) base NET: 1 g
  (equal to approximately 10 electrodes)

Carbon Paste Electrode - Set Up


Electrodes for Carbon Paste Oil Base


Carbon paste Oil electrode Catalog No. Description
010251 Carbon Paste Electrode (Single 3 mm)
002223 SCPE Carbon paste electrode OD:3 mm ID:1.6 mm
002210 CPE Carbon paste electrode OD:6 mm ID:3.0 mm
010800 CPE Carbon paste electrode for RDE

Preparation of Carbon Paste Electrode


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