Working Electrode - Shapes


Variety, Features and Shapes of Working electrodes

Variety of Working Electrodes Features and Applications
Platinum electrode (PTE) Conventional electrode, which has hydrogen adsorptive wave, used for H2O2 and oxides detection
Gold electrode (AUE) Conventional electrode, which has no hydrogen adsorption wave, used for thiols detection
Glassy carbon electrode (GCE) Chemically stable electrode despite its relatively large over-potentials of oxygen and hydrogen evolutions
Silver electrode (AGE) For cyanide and sulfide detection
Carbon paste electrode (CPE) Mixed with enzyme etc. to make modified electrodes
Nickel electrode (NIE) Chemically modified to detect amino acids
Palladium electrode (PDE) Used to study the process of adsorption and desorption of hydrogen
Plastic formed carbon electrode (PFCE) Its highly-oriented graphite edge is exposed to the surface with cost effective, similar feature of HOPG











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