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Model 400 Series Time-Resolved Electrochemical Quartz Crystal Microbalance (EQCM), our newest product, is used for electrodeposition, adsorption, and chemical and biological sensor studies.

Model 600B Series Potentiostat/Galvanostat are for general purpose electrochemical measurements. Provides an auxiliary signal input channel for simultaneously external signal recording (such as spectroscopy signals)

Model 700B Series Bipotentiostat can be used for rotating-disk electrodes (RRDE) and other cases where dual channel measurements are essential. Provides an auxiliary signal input channel for simultaneously external signal recording (such as spectroscopy signals)

Model 800 Series Electrochemical Detector are suitable for either single or dual channel electrochemical detection for flow cell, biosensor, capillary electrophoresis and LCEC. Very high resolution data acquisition system and is very low in noise.

Model 800B Series Electrochemical Detector are the improved version of the Model 800 Series with higher sensitivity and wider potential range.

Model 900B Scanning Electrochemical Microscope (SECM). SECM was introduced in 1989 [1] as an instrument that could examine chemistry at high resolution near interfaces.

Based on reactions that occur at a small electrode (the tip) as it is scanned in close proximity to a surface.

Can be employed to obtain chemical reactivity images of surfaces and also in quantitative measurements of reaction rates. Numerous studies with the SECM have now been reported from a number of laboratories all over the world and the instrument has been used for a wide range of applications, including studies of corrosion, biological systems (e.g., enzymes, skin, leaves), membranes and liquid/liquid interfaces [2]. Trapping and electrochemical detection of single molecules with the SECM has also been reported.

With the introduction of the CHI900 SECM, developed in collaboration with the University of Texas group, this technique now becomes available to any laboratory.

CHI1000    Multichannel Potentiostat- Allows  independent control of eight channels; potential or simultaneous potential sweep or steps. It is designed for low current applications. Current range from pico amperes to 10 mA.

Model 1100 Series Power Potentiostat/Galvanostat are for electrochemical applications that require relatively large current and high compliance voltage, such as battery, corrosion, electrolysis and electroplating. The current range is 2 A. The compliance voltage is 26 V.

Model 1200 Series Hand-held Potentiostat/Bipotentiostat are for electroanalysis and sensor studies. Due to its small size, light weight, ac or battery operation, and low cost, it is particularly useful for field applications and teaching laboratories.

CHI684 Multiplexer CHI684 is a multi-channel multiplexer for the model 400, 600A and 700A series. The multiplexer switches four lines (working, sensing, reference, and counter in case of model 400 and 600A series; working, 2nd working, reference and counter in case of model 700A series). You can have maximum 64 cells, but only one cell can be connected at a time.


Future products

To obtain demo software for the CHI400, CHI600B, CHI700B, CHI800/B or CHI900B series

please e-mail:mailto:info@ijcambria.com; the software will be sent to you by return of e-mail

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