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The Model 800 series are designed for electrochemical detection. These instruments can be used for monitoring the current passing through a flow cell in liquid chromatography/electrochemistry and in flow injection analysis, but they can also be used for other electroanalytical applications. Each instrument contains a digital function generator, a data acquisition system, and a potentiostat/bipotentiostat. The potential control range is 2V and the current range is 10mA. These instruments are capable of measuring currents down to picoamperes. This series is mainly for analytical use and not for mechanistic studies. It is somewhat slow with a maximum sampling rate of 500 Hz. However, the circuitry has very low electrical noise, and 24-bit A/D converters are used to gain very high digitizing resolution. When it is used for amperometric detection, three decades of current scales are displayed during the experiment to view signals of various magnitudes clearly. Compared with analog instruments, it is much easier to use, besides having the data storage and analysis capabilities. No recorder and baseline adjustments are needed. It also provides a much larger current dynamic range, so that separate runs for large and weak signals can be avoided.

The Model 8 0 is for single channel measurements, and the Model 8 2 contains a bipotentiostat and is for dual channel measurements. As a bipotentiostat, it is well suited to rotating ring-disk electrodes applications. It can also be used for other applications where dual channel measurements are essential. An example is spectroelectrochemistry. While one channel is used for electrochemical measurements, the other channel can be used for synchronous sampling of the spectroscopic data. Dual channel measurements work for CV, LSV, DPV, and amperometric i-t curve.

We provide several different models in the 800 series. The following table compares the different models. Other than what is listed, the specifications and features of these models are identical. Models 800/802 and 810/812 are mainly for flow cell detection. Models 820/822 can not be used for flow cell detection, but are intended for voltammetry applications. Models 830/832 are comprehensive electrochemical analyzers. They can be used both for electrochemical detection, voltammetry and other applications.

Differences of 800 Series Models

                                 800/802     810/812    820/822     830/832 
Cyclic Voltammetry       *        *     *      *
Linear Sweep Voltammetry          *        *     *      *
Chronoamperometry         *
Chronocoulometry      *
Differential Pulse Voltammetry      *         *
Normal Pulse Voltammetry      *      *
Square Wave Voltammetry      *         *
Amperometric i-t Curve         *     *      *
Differential Pulse Amperometry     *        *
Double Differential Pulse Amperometry       *      *
Triple Pulse Amperometry       *        *
Bulk Electrolysis with Coulometry      *      *
Potentiometric Stripping Analysis      *
Open Circuit Potential - Time       *     *      *        *
Full version of CV simulator        *
Limited version of CV simulator       *     *      *

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