Software Features

User Interface

32-bit Windows application

multi-document interface

toolbar: quick access to frequently used commands

status bar: technique, file status, and command prompt

pull-down menus

dialog boxes

full mouse support

WYSIWYG graphics

comprehensive and context sensitive help

File Management

reopen saved data files

save data file

delete files

list data file

convert to text files: for exporting data to other software, such as spreadsheets

text file format

print present data

print multiple data files

print setup


technique: a large repertoire of electrochemical techniques

experimental parameters: extremely wide dynamic range

system setup: choice of communication port, choice polarity of potential and current axis

hardware test: digital and analog circuitry diagnostic test

Instrument Control

run experiment: real time data display in most cases

pause/resume during run

stop running experiment

reverse scan direction during run: for cyclic voltammetry

repetitive runs: automatic data save, signal averaging, delay or prompt between runs, up to 999 runs

run status: stir, purge, iR compensation, smooth after run, RDE and SMDE control status

macro commands: edit, save, read, and execute a series of commands

open circuit potential measurement (Model 600, 700 and 800 series)

iR compensation: (Model 600 series) automatic and manual compensation, solution resistance, double layer capacitance and stability test

analog filter setting: (Model 600 and 700 series) automatic or manual setting of potential, i/V converter, and signal filters

cell control: purge, stir, cell on, SMDE drop collection, and pre-run drop knock.

step functions: initial and two step potentials, duration of steps and number of steps, particularly useful for electrode treatment

working electrode conditioning before running experiment: programmable 3 steps

rotating disk electrode: (Model 630/650/660 and 700 series) rotation speed, on/off control during deposition, quiescent time, run, and between runs

stripping mode: enable/disable, deposition potential and time, stir and purge conditions


SECM probe: motor calibration, probe travel, probe absolute and relative position, position re-zero, forward and reverse distance ratio

Graphic Display

present data plot

3D surface plot: front, rear, side, top and bottom view

overlay plots: several sets of data overlaid for comparison

add data to overlay: adding data files to overlay plot, files from different directories can be selected

parallel plots: several sets of data plotted side by side

add data to parallel: adding data files to parallel plot, files from different directories can be selected

zoom in/out: visually selected zoom area

manual results: visually selected baseline

peak definition: shape, width, and report options

Special Plots: x-y, ip-v, ip-v1/2, Ep-log v, and semilog plots

graph options: video or printer options, axis, parameters, baseline, results, grids, axis inversion, axis freeze, axis titles, data sets, XY scales, current density option, reference electrode, header, and notes

color and legend: background, axis, grid, curves, legend size, thickness, and display intervals

font: font, style, size and color for axis labels, axis titles, header, parameters, and results

copy to clipboard: for pasting the data plot to word processors

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