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Data Processing

smoothing: 5-49 point least square and Fourier transform

derivatives: 1st - 5th order, 5-49 point least square


convolution: semi-derivative and semi-integral

interpolation: 2 - 64 data interpolation

baseline correction: visually selected baseline, slope and dc level compensation

data point removing

data point modifying: visual data point modification

background subtraction: difference of two sets of data

signal averaging

mathematical operations: both X and Y data array

Fourier spectrum

Digital Simulation

fast implicit finite difference algorithm

reaction mechanisms: 10 predefined mechanisms (low end models); or any combination involving electron transfer, first- and second-order chemical reactions (high end models)

system: diffusive or adsorptive

maximum equations: 12

maximum species: 9

simulation parameters: standard redox potentials, rate of electron transfer, transfer coefficient, concentration, diffusion coefficient, forward and reverse chemical reaction rate constants, temperature, electrode area, and experimental parameters

save simulation parameters

read simulation parameters

real time data display

real time display of concentration profiles

automatic search and determine over-determined equilibrium constants

dimensionless current

equilibrium data


data information: date, time, filename, data source, instrument model, data processing performed, header and notes

data listing: data information and numerical data array

equations: general equations and equations relating to various electrochemical techniques


SECM probe status: probe position and current display


status bar


context sensitive help

help topic

using help

about the application

System requirements

operating system: Microsoft Windows  95

processor: Pentium

RAM: 16 M bytes

monitor: VGA

mouse: PS/2

serial communication port

output device: any printer or plotter supported by Windows.