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1. Introduction

RRDE-3A is a constant rotation system for use in hydrodynamic modulation rotating ring disk electrochemistry. A 12 mm diameter electrode with short stainless steel shaft provides for a miniature and concentric circle electrode system that is capable for highly accurate rotation and modulation even at radial modulation rates or wave forms.

RRDE-3A is electronically controlled by a proportional-integral closing loop circuit driving as an DC servo-motor. Electrodes are small and rapidly interchangeable. The unit also provides an adjustable valve system for inert gas purging inside the cell vial.

RRDE-3A is able to be operated as a stand-alone unit and directly controlled by CH Instruments Inc., Bioanalytical Systems Inc. Electrochemical Analyzers or other instruments. When the analysis starts, a built-in gas control allows purging the sample. Besides, the access to glass cell is easy for rinsing, cleaning, and replacing the electrodes. It is easy to remove and replace the cell vial.


  1. Operable as RDE and RRDE systems
  2. Remote and manual controlled rotation and gas purge
  3. Compact design & Easy operation
  4. Cell lead connects to all potentiostats
  5. Spin coating


Size 190 (w) x 230 (d) x 400 mm (h)
Weight 6 kg
Rotational range 100 to 8,000 rpm
Rotation stability Error, < 2% at < 2,000 rpm
        < 1% at > 2,000 rpm
Ring/Disk insulation resistance > 10 M ohm
Electrode to lead pin contact resistance 5 ohm
Rotator shaft Stainless steel
Motor 12 V, ironless core, low inertial DC servo
Power < 100 VA 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature 10 to 50C
Relative humidity ≤ 80%
Remote control One volt corresponds to 1,000 rpm
Motor ON/OFF TTL or relay input to back panel connection
Purge TTL or relay input to back panel connection


Various kinds of RRDE electrode & RDE electrode 

For RRDE electrode
RRDE electrode
Click here for detail
Platinum ring disk working electrode
Platinum ring-glassy carbon disk working electrode
For RDE electrode
RDE electrode
Click here for detail
Glassy carbon disk electrode
Platinum working disk electrode
Gold working disk electrode
For DRE electrode
DRE electrode
Click here for detail
DRE-PGK Pt ring/GC disk replaceable electrode
DRE-GCK disk replaceable electrode
Electrodes of other materials and diameters will be fabricated on a custom basis.


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