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We supply a wide range of electrochemical instruments and accessories, including the CH Instruments Inc range, to the EU


An extensive and high quality range of cells, electrodes, spectroelectrochemistry parts



CH Instruments, Inc. provides a full-line of electrochemical instrumentation.

  • All models are controlled by an external PC under the Windows environment.
  • Easy to install and use. No plug-in card or other hardware is required on the PC side.
  • The instruments provide a rich repertoire of electrochemical techniques. The most well established electrochemical techniques can be readily employed, including potential sweep, step, pulse, alternating current, stripping, and various other techniques.
  • The performance is outstanding. Our Model 600E and 700E series are very fast; the time scales of most experiments can be one or two orders of magnitude shorter than those you can find in other commercial instruments. Current down to 50 pA can be measured directly.
  • Many powerful functions, such as file handling, experimental control, graphics, data analyses, and digital simulation.
  • Some  unique features: macro command, working electrode conditioning, color, legend and font selection, data interpolation, visual baseline correction, signal averaging, Fourier spectrum, and equations relating to electrochemical techniques.
  • For each instrument series, various models exist to suit different needs and budgets. The prices are lower than those comparable instruments currently on the market, but the performance is much better.
  • Perfect for both research and teaching purposes.


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