EQCM Flow Cell

The quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) technique under electrochemical frequency, analysis
of electrode can be measured by the gold quartz crystal electrode. This technique is very
useful to determine many compounds such as metal proteins, metal ions and thiol-conjugated
The construction for EQCM flow cell is simple. The gold quartz crystal electrode is sandwiched
between two blocks as shown below.

EQCM Flow cell.jpg

The two blocks of the EQCM Flow cell are constructed using PEEK. It gives a high resistivity for chemical compounds.
As well as QCM, these cell is reversible. With a inverted position of the blocks, it is possible to change
from flow to static measurement.

EQCM Flow Cell Kit - Components

Catalog No. Description Components
012026 EQCM Flow cell kit PEEK Flow Cell
Teflon tube
Dynaseal PEEK (2)
Fixing Screw (2)
Silicon O-Ring (2)
Flow Cell Holder
Pt counter electrode
Stainless tube (Counter Electrode for flow cell)
Optional Products
010226 Quartz crystal Au (5 pcs)
012169 RE-3V Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
012170 RE-3VP Reference electrode (Ag/AgCl)
012173 RE-7V Non Aqueous reference electrode(Ag/Ag+)
012174 RE-7VP Non Aqueous reference electrode(Ag/Ag+)


Sample data

The cyclic voltammogram, at 25 mV/sec vs. Ag/AgCl, of the 0.2 mM Copper Sulfate solution using EQCM flow cell, and the simultaneously QCM measurement, are shown in Figure 2A (Flow system) and Figure 2B (Static system).

Figure 2A. Flow system, flow rate: 90 ÁL/min Figure


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