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Ring Disc Electrode 

The Ring Disc Electrode is a printed electrode developed by NTT Advanced Technology. The ring disc shaped electrode is formed on a glass plate (please see ALS brochure). There are  carbon, gold and platinum versions of this electrode, and it can be used in a radial flow cell arrangement. The diameter of electrode disc is 3 mm, inner ring diameter 4 mm, outer ring diameter 6 mm, and electrode thickness 0.1 µm. When it is used in radial flow cell, in micro flow mode it will gain an optimum coulometric electrolysis. At this condition, the centre of electrode disc will achieve near 100% oxidation (or reduction). As a special feature, this system can perform qualitative and quantitative analysis simultaneously and also analyze the successive chemical reaction. Using Osmium Gel/HRP (Horse Radish Peroxidase developed by Prof. Adam Heller from Texas Univ.) coated on it, the electrode is able to analyze hydrogen peroxide at zero volts. A flow injection analysis system, obtained by modifying electrode with, for instance, an oxidase enzyme to analyze various biochemical entities. 

    Catalog No.                             Product name and specifications            Quantity      
010392              Ring disc electrode Au         3 pcs.
010393              Ring disc electrode Pt         3 pcs.
010394              Ring disc electrode C         3 pcs.

• IDA (Interdigitated Array) Electrode

Introducing IDA (Interdigitated Array) electrode developed by NTT Life Environment Research Laboratory. Some papers about determination of micro-substance and observation of its electrochemical behaviour using IDA microelectrode have been reported. This microelectrode is manufactured using risograph technology to form a micro pattern upon insulator's plate. The figure (click for *.gif image) shows the structure of IDA electrode. The number of fingers in one of the electrodes is 65 pairs. Each electrode works as an oxidation or reduction electrode.



Electrode for liquid chromatography

Electrode for electrochemical analysis

Biosensor and chemical sensor

Chemically modified electrode

Electrode for chemical reaction process control

    Catalog No.       
    Product name and 
   Wide       (µm)                   Interval    (µm)               Length (mm)      
 Number of feet  
          010379        IDA Electrode Au     10     5      2      65
          010380        IDA Electrode Pt     10     5      2      65
          010381        IDA Electrode C     10     5      2      65

An IDA Electrodeconsists of a pair of band electrodes combined and meshed with each other as a generator and collector electrode combinatiobn; therefore it is possible to make an electrochemical redox cycle upon the electrode as showed in the figure. By occurring the redox cycle on electrode increasing electrolysis current to raise measurement sensitivity. In experiment using common electrodes to analyze a small quantity of sample solution, the sample will consumed and exhausted due to electrolysis. However using this Interdigitated array electrode, the oxidation-reduction reaction occur repeatedly so the sample solution will not exhausted.

For a schematic of an IDA electrode please click here for a .gif file image

For a .jpg image of the carbon IDA please click here